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... a place for the genuine,

Hands that can grasp, eyes

that can dilate, hair that can rise…

Marianne Moore, "Poetry"

We all have the capacity to use writing to express and create our experience, but many of us have had experiences that may have blunted our ability to write.  Our coaching work will help free expressive potential by working with writing as experiment, a trying out in the present moment that can foster the undoing of old ideas of yourself as a writer or non-writer.


Using gestalt concepts (such as the contact cycle, disturbances of contact, and figure formation), we will look at where in the writing process you tend to get stuck, and what we can do to loosen things up.  We will try experiments to begin to discover who you are as a writer and to find out what you really want to say, at this very moment.  We will engage with the seriously playful nature of writing.  


Writing experiments will be geared toward:  

  • supporting yourself as you mobilize to write 

  • respecting and constructively using your resistance toward writing

  • working and playing in a safe way with your beliefs about writing and with ways you may be stifling your impulse to write

  • freeing your natural ability to let your mind follow what it's attracted to (to form figures in Gestalt terms) in writing

  • becoming more aware of your experience, including your body experience, while writing

**This coaching will focus on supporting your writing process and does not typically include my critiquing your writing products.**

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